Scrap Yards vs. Salvage Car Buyers

The main difference between scrap yards and salvage buyers is the nature of their business and grading system. Scrap yards usually engage only in scrapping and recycling, which means that all damaged vehicles they buy are valued based on the weight of metal. If you sell a damaged vehicle to a car scrap yard, you’ll be paid based on its scrap value. But just because your car isn’t running does not necessarily mean that it is scrap. Even the most damaged car can have several reusable parts that are highly valuable to some collectors, right? So, the value of scrap cars should vary depending on their condition and reusable parts. In comparison, salvage car buyers are more interested in the condition of the vehicle and the value of its parts. Salvage car dealers like Easy Scrap Car Collections set the price based on your car’s salvage value or scrap value. If your car is repairable or has reusable parts, you will be paid based on its salvage value. Unlike scrap yards, salvage car buyers pay extra cash for newer parts like a brand new transmission in your damaged car. Scrap and salvage car buyers also offer car recycling services if you wish to retire your vehicle. Selling your vehicle to scrap and salvage car buyers will fetch you more. It is the best option to boost your car’s value and also offers other benefits.

Benefits of Selling to Scrap and Salvage Car Buyers

While maximizing your returns is a priority, other factors like sentimental value, regulatory issues, and secure transactions are also important.