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So, the time has come where your car has come to the end of its life. Well, this is where EasyScrapCarCollections comes in handy. We take the stress out of selling your scrap car!

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When you scrap your car with us, you’ll get a completely free collection and usually collected witin 24 hours.

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Every quote given by us is guaranteed and you’ll get exactly the amount your quoted, as long as you have accurately described your vehicle.

Scrapping cars: V5C paperwork

We notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) that you have transferred the car to a government-approved car recycling service, so you are not liable for any road tax and traffic offenses.

Our transport driver will fill out section nine of the V5C form, and then you are responsible for sending this part of the V5C to the DVLA

v5c logbook

The ELV was introduced to the UK in 2005  to tackle thousands of old cars that were growing to the amount of  8m tons a year. To prevent drivers from scrapping cars simply by abandoning them, the ELV means financial responsibility for recycling a car now lies with the vehicle manufacturer rather than the owner.

But because of the booming recycling industry, British drivers can make money out of their scrap cars.

Scrap my Car for cash

Every year in Britain two million cars are scrapped, the EU has introduced strict environmental rules on how cars should be disposed of through its End of Life Vehicle Directive.

While new rules designed to combat copper and other metal theft have had the curious impact of making it illegal for car owners to be paid cash when scrapping a vehicle.

So when it came to saying goodbye to my 10-year-old Astra estate, lying abandoned with a dead battery outside my house, I realised I had no idea how to scrap a vehicle. Could I sell it? Scrap it? Give it away?

The good news is that the days when you had to call round dodgy car breaking yards are over. Now you just enter into Google, simply enter your car registration and postcode, we promise to collect your car within days – and pay the best possible price.

government Guidlines

In 2013, the government revised the law – by creating the Scrap Metal Dealers Act.The Scrap Metal Dealers Act (SMDA) 2013 came into force on 1 October 2013 when new licence applications to work as a dealer were first accepted by local councils.

The newer Act repealed earlier Acts and created a revised regulatory regime for metal recycling and vehicle dismantling industries in England and Wales.

When your vehicle has reached the end of its usefulness, you must get it scrapped at an authorised treatment facility (ATF). Also known as a scrapyard or breaker’s yard.



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whats my scrap car worth ?

Scrap car prices fluctuate depending on the model of car, the region it’s collected in, whether it has any re-saleable parts and current market rates.

Write-off categories

 The value of your car depends on which category your vehicle is in.

CategoryRepairing the vehicleUsing the vehicle
ACannot be repairedEntire vehicle has to be crushed
BCannot be repairedBody shell has to be crushed, but you can salvage other parts from it
CCan be repaired, but it would cost more than the vehicle’s worthYou can use the vehicle again if it’s repaired to a roadworthy condition
DCan be repaired and would cost less than the vehicle’s worth, but other costs (such as transporting your vehicle) take it over the vehicle’s valueYou can use the vehicle again if it’s repaired to a roadworthy condition
NCan be repaired following non-structural damageYou can use the vehicle again if it’s repaired to a roadworthy condition

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