Certificate of Destruction

If you’re planning on scrapping your car, you may have come across the term “Certificate of Destruction.” But what is a Certificate of Destruction, and why do you need one? In this blog post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Certificates of Destruction and how they can help you when scrapping your car.

What is a COD or Certificate of Destruction?

A DVLA Certificate of Destruction (COD) is a formal document produced when the Authorised Treatment Facility scrapping your car formally reports your vehicle’s destruction. A COD validates that your car is no longer registered with you and has been destroyed in line with the regulations set out by the Environment Agency and DVLA.

DVLA certificate of destruction

Why is the certificate necessary?

Firstly, your car isn’t considered off-road without a Certificate of Destruction. Secondly, the DVLA could be charging you unnecessary fines for road tax, parking tickets etc, long after your car has been scrapped. COD’s are in place to let the DVLA and the vehicle owner understand when that vehicle has been scrapped. CODs are optional, however this car affect your car’s scrap value. If the ATF decides to sell on the vehicle then they can do at their discretion. and the essential thing to remember when scrapping a car is to transfer the registration document out of your name and into the new owner’s name. In addition, this will prevent any buyers from having the ability to purchase the car as scrap and resell it. If you don’t mind whether the vehicle is bought for recycling or re-sale, then you don’t require a COD. Either way, you need to be specific that when you sell your car.

Do I Need A Certificate Of Destruction?

Authorised treatment facilities are accountable for ensuring that all scrap cars are appropriately scrapped and that the Certificate of Destruction is obtained. If you scrap your car with an authorised treatment facility, you will no longer be accountable. You will have the ability to acquire a Certificate of Destruction from them. Easy scrap car collections offer a problem-free service that will look after whatever is best for you. We only work with authorised treatment facilities. Our scrap car and salvage dealers will ensure that your scrap car is recycled correctly and that you receive the Certificate of Destruction.

When will you get your COD?

How quickly you receive your COD will depend on how fast the ATF starts the main scrapping procedure. Typically, this will be done within seven days. Then, the scrap yard will access the DVLA Certificate of Destruction database to report that your car has been scrapped.

What Do You Do with the Certificate of Destruction?

Although keeping your certificate of destruction is not essential, the document shows you are no longer responsible for the vehicle. Insurance companies may ask for a Certificate of Destruction to prove that your car is longer used and has been dealt with according to DVLA guidelines.

If required, most people will keep their COD to prove that the car is no longer their responsibility. However, sometimes, an insurer wants to see a certificate copy to confirm a damaged vehicle. You must forward the COD to them to satisfy your insurance coverage conditions.

Do I Need to Do Anything After I've Received the Certificate of Destruction?

No – it’s not essential. A CoD is a way of letting the DVLA understand you are no longer the vehicle owner. It’s likewise evident that you have relinquished all legal responsibility for the vehicle. When scrapping your car, the most crucial thing is, changing the ownership name.

You will only need a CoD when you have delivered your vehicle to an ATF. It is important to note not all ATFs will issue a CoD instantly. They’ll require to recycle the car initially. Many ATFs and scrapyards might remove parts from the vehicle before recycling what is left.

What happens Without A Certificate of Destruction?

You need to get a Certificate of Destruction to confirm that your vehicle has been disposed of. Unfortunately, among the typical rip-offs, some dishonest scrap car dealers merely inform you that your vehicle’s scrapped without providing you with a Certificate as proof. For example, this makes it easy to make cheap repairs on your car before selling it to an unwary buyer. Current legislation states that all scrapped vehicles should be issued with a Certificate of Destruction.

Scrap Your Car Leagly And responsibly

Sometimes, dealers who provide cash for scrap cars fail to provide a Certificate of Destruction. However, it’s essential to be aware that only government-authorised Facilities (ATFs) can access the DVLA Certificate of Destruction online to request and produce the document.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can relax when scrapping your car with easy scrap car collections. We make every effort for you and guarantee that all scrap car buyers in our network are ATF registered.

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